COVID 19 Alert

ANCHOR is open for business for all of our programs. ANCHOR is utilizing virtual and/or telehealth formats to deliver all services as much as possible. Everyone must be properly screened and must wear a mask if you're not vaccinated before entering any ANCHOR Building.

ANCHOR – What does it mean?  A New CHance ORganization

  • Started in 1972 by the persistent efforts of a citizen committee headed by Jane Bassett Spilman
  • ANCHOR I for boys was first
  • ANCHOR II for girls in 1973
  • Expanded several times through the 1990's
  • Services included Outreach, Family Preservation, Family Group Home and Wilderness Program


  • ANCHOR Group Home/Shelter Care – for boys
  • Outreach/Surveillance and GPS
  • Seven Challenges Substance Use Treatment
  • Brief Challenges
  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Co-Parenting: Two Parents, Two Homes
  • Transitional Day Program (TDP)
  • Lee Ford Camp

ANCHOR Mission Statement

The mission of ANCHOR is to provide a new chance for youth in our community. While they remain close to home, ANCHOR provides comprehensive care and individualized treatment  to assist youth and their families in achieving optimal health and well-being.

Since 1993