Parents/Legal Guardians of ANCHOR OR/GPS Clients


Please read the information below to answer many frequently asked questions.

If you child has been placed on Outreach or Outreach and GPS they must obey the rules of probation as set forth by the Courts or Court Service Unit staff.

ANY Changes, variations, special privileges, "windows", etc., to your curfew or rules of probation,      MUST be approved by the Courts and/or your Probation Officer!   

ANCHOR OR/GPS Rules of Conduct

When a juvenile has been ordered into the OR/GPS program by the court or accepted by the Director of Operations, the juvenile is expected to do the following:

  1. Attend school or work daily (unless absence is excused);
  2. Be available for contact with Outreach staff;
  3. Follow behavior guidelines and curfew set by the juvenile court, guardians(s),and Outreach staff;
  4. Participate in other services or program, if referred for such;
  5. Pose no physical danger to self or others;
  6. Abide by all state and federal laws, and abide by any special conditions ordered by the Judge (such as GPS monitoring);
  7. Curfew is set by probation staff, if not listed then it is: Sunday – Thursday No Window Friday & Saturday No Window
  8. Random drug screens as directed by the judge/probation officer.

Probation officers will be informed of any rule violation. If violations are numerous or indicate that the juvenile is a risk to public safety or poses a danger to themselves or the property of others, the appropriate court personnel will be informed.

In the event of an emergency or after hours, contact Outreach Coordinator at 276-340-6821 or 276-340-8818 or 276-403-4719.

If they are placed on GPS the parent/legal guardian and juvenile will sign and receive a copy of the following agreement:

ANCHOR GPS Monitoring Agreement

You have been placed in the GPS Monitoring Program by the court. You have been charged with a criminal offense which allows you to be placed in a detention facility or jail. The court has ordered your conditional release subject to you fully cooperating with the ANCHOR Outreach Program and the following agreement. Violation of Court Order, Outreach Rules of Conduct, Outreach Agreement, or GPS Monitoring Agreement may result in violation of your conditions of release.

  1. You will maintain and Return GPS Monitoring equipment in the same condition it was delivered to you.
  2. You will change the GPS unit’s battery twice (2) a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening or you will charge the GPS unit for at least one (1) hour, two times a day at a minimum. Loss of signal due to a dead battery is considered a violation and will be immediately reported to your probation officer.

****Beacon/Charger MUST remain Plugged into an Electrical Outlet at ALL TIMES****

  1. You will stay within the boundaries established by your Outreach staff. If we get a report that you have an unauthorized leave, it will be reported to your probation officer.
  2. Any damage to the GPS Monitoring equipment will be the financial responsibility of the client, and /or their parent/guardian. Intentional damage will result in criminal charges. You will not remove or damage any GPS monitoring equipment.

****Swimming is NOT allowed while wearing the GPS Tracker****