Aggression Replacement Training® (ART) is a research-based, proven-effective approach for working with challenging youth.

It has been used for over 30 years in schools, community agencies, juvenile institutions, and other settings, including via Telehealth.  ART consists of 10 weeks of group or individual sessions with three one-hour sessions a week.  Trained and Certified Leaders model new skills and guide program members through role-plays implementing the new skills in scenarios true to their lives.  Program participants receive support and constructive feedback regarding member role-plays demonstrating use of these new skills.  Below is a brief description of each component of Aggression Replacement Training:

  • Skillstreaming - One session a week focuses on Social Skills Training, or what is referred to as Skillstreaming.  This weekly session teaches participants what to do in real-life situations to change their behavior, helping them replace antisocial behaviors with positive alternatives.  This is a broad curriculum which teaches, and practices, prosocial behavioral skills in a group setting.
  • Anger Control Training - The second hour-long session each week is focused on the group members’ emotional responses to authentic situations they face in life, particularly focusing on teaching youth self-control of anger.  This Anger Control component helps group members respond to anger in a nonaggressive manner and trains in rethinking anger-provoking situations through helping identify an individual’s triggers, body cues of elevated emotion, reducers, reminders, thinking ahead (If….then), social skills to be implemented in the situation, and self-evaluation of response.  
  • Moral Reasoning Training - The third and final hour each week is focused on Moral Reasoning.  These sessions are centered on real-life dilemmas with the group thinking and talking through their own responses, values, and beliefs related to the dilemma.  This component helps raise group member level of fairness, justice, and concern for the needs and rights of other.

ART is a tremendous resource for our community to help provide youth in need with the skills necessary to form new prosocial behaviors, control their emotional responses, and mature in their moral reasoning.  ART has shown great success as well utilizing Telehealth sessions.  ANCHOR’s certified ART Group Leaders look forward to working with youth who would benefit from these services.