The ANCHOR Outreach Detention/Surveillance staff has adopted the following mission statement:

ANCHOR strives to provide services to children placed in the Outreach Detention/Surveillance Program by the Juvenile Court system that will keep the children trouble-free, available to the court, and avoid the need for secure detention and/or placement in other institutions outside their community.


The ANCHOR Outreach Detention/Surveillance Program is designed to provide supervision for youths, both male and female, which reside in their homes. It is the philosophy of this program that with added accountability, daily support, and intervention, there is an increased opportunity for avoiding detention or removal of a child from the home. Therapeutic potential of Outreach Detention/Surveillance exists when coupled with the following:

  1. Children are allowed to remain free of institutional influence
  2. Delinquent or non-delinquent acts are seen as affecting the child and the family unit and emphasis is placed on reducing and/or eliminating the occurrence of the delinquent or non-delinquent acts
  3. Supervision from Outreach Detention/Surveillance provides structure and support, third-party intervention, and structured time frames and accountability for the  child.

Monitoring services are provided to the court service unit for juveniles that need extra attention to keep them at home and in the community instead of in detention.  This monitoring involves ANCHOR staff checking on them in several Face-to-Face contacts each week and in many cases using GPS technology to keep track of their locations and activities.  We serve approx. 65 area kids each year with this service.

This program saves the localities of Henry County,  Patrick County and the City of Martinsville, thousands of dollars each year by keeping them in the community instead of paying to house them in other localities.