Brief Challenges

The Seven Challenges – Brief™, also known as "Brief Challenges", is the brief therapy version of The Seven Challenges®.

A new therapy intervention that is the brief therapy version of The Seven Challenges®, which is listed on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. Brief Challenges is designed for youth who have a known or suspected drug problem and involves four individual sessions lasting approximately one hour each. Brief Challenges is designed to serve three functions:

          • Assessment of drug and co-occurring problems
          • Mental health issues, including an understanding of psychological, emotional and situational problems the young person faces
          • Substance abuse problems, including frequency and quantity of use, effect on functioning, motivation for use, level of problem, and awareness of harm from use

Brief therapy intervention for drug problems

Designed to tap any existing motivation to change and to increase motivation to change Courtesy Relapse Prevention® is introduced to a young person who has an impulse to quit using Support in responding to external pressures for abstinence
Discussion of pressure built into each of the four sessions Bolsters young person's attention to pressure
Assists in development of effective responses to pressure These sessions can stand alone or serve as an entry point to more services for youth who may want, or need, to receive additional counseling.

Brief Challenges Process

The four Brief Challenges sessions are always facilitated one on one -- that is, between one counselor and one client. During Brief Challenges sessions, information is gathered in a sequential fashion, with the counselor and the young person working together in The Brief Challenges My Story .  This book incorporates readings from The Seven Challenges, written process extracted from The Seven Challenges Journals and activities from The Seven Challenges Activity Book . The basic skills taught in Brief Challenges are extracted from training for The Seven Challenges® Program.