This program is a cooperative agreement with Henry County Public Schools to educate students who have emotional and/or psychological disabilities, whose behavior has been identified as interfering with his/her learning and that prevents them from being in a traditional classroom setting.  While in the Transitional Day Program (TDP) the student's progress is monitored and documented in several areas including, academic performance, behavior and attendance.  The parents and school system are updated frequently to track any changes in these areas and make adjustments as necessary.  The Transitional Day Program classes are smaller and in a more home-like setting allowing more individual attention and instruction.  Tailoring the program, as much as possible, to the student's needs and to promote their independent development.  The aim of the program is to support the students in building and applying behavioral self-regulation skills while continuing with their academics, return them to a traditional school classroom setting and to make that transition as smooth as possible for the child and their family.