Lee Ford Camp

It was created by a donation of the land by Heck and Mattie Ford in memory of their son, Lee Ford, who died serving his country in WW II.  Lee Ford Camp, was deeded to ANCHOR in 1999 by the Martinsville Kiwanis Club, but has been in existence since the early 1950’s, is a 17-acre camp with a 1.5 acre lake, several picnic areas with tables, a large lodge (complete with full kitchen, bathroom and screened in porch), two bunkhouses which will accommodate up to 20 people, a small cabin and a climbing/rappelling tower with a high ropes confidence course. 

In addition to the bunkhouses there are at least 6 primitive camping spots on the property as well that will accommodate several tents.  The climbing tower and high ropes course is one of the only, and nicest, in our region.  The pond can be used for fishing (catch and release), we have equipment for canoeing and swimming (these last two must be supervised by a lifeguard).  There is a baseball field for games and lots of area for hiking.  It is an oasis in the middle of our community! The camp provides area youth and families a recreational opportunity promoting individual and group learning within a natural environment.

We have no budget for this property and it operates solely off donations and fees. (currently $100 per day and $150 per overnight stay, to use /stay at the camp and the climbing tower is $200 per ½ day and $400 for the whole day – to pay facilitators) It is in good shape but we are constantly working to improve it and if any group wants to do some work there, we will let them use the camp free of charge!

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